Together, let’s research, care, practice and share.

The Centre is part of the


The Centre for Arts and Social Innovation is affiliated with the National Theatre School of Canada. Our team is based at the Monument-National in Montreal and develops projects across Canada, including:

  • Creative laboratories and research-creation residencies;
  • Community theater initiatives;
  • Development of customized online platforms for research-creation, dissemination, community sharing and e-learning;
  • Public theater classes for all (in person and online);
  • Intergenerational theater projects;
  • Multidisciplinary storytelling events;
  • And more !

We oversee specific projects for young artists such as :

  • A pan-canadian young drama festival (the well known Dramafest);
  • A Shapelitakun Innu Troupe in Pessamit;
  • Grants for community theater initiatives;
  • Internships in mediation for students and young graduates.

Our Team

Maude Levasseur

CASI Director

Maude develops safe and inspiring opportunities for different communities to make art. She believes that wellness and community health is about connection, conversation and sharing between citizens and artist-citizens.

“Take a deep breath and imagine everyone making, seeing, living art. Imagine the changes in conversations, in everyday life and in connexions. Everyone should have the possibility of a life filled with creative experiences and that’s what me and the people I work with are committed to.”

– Maude

Erika Kierulf

CASI Associate director

Erika Kierulf is a mother, an artist, a cultural worker and the initiator of numerous projects at the Centre. Her knowledge of arts and film production and broadcasting combined with her experience of more than 15 years in the arts community allows her to lead the team, define global strategies and ensure that the realization of each of our projects is consistent with the Centre’s values. Erika is an empathetic leader who listens to the needs of the communities and of the workers.

Tova Roy

CASI Project Manager

Tova has been working in the field of theater for 20 years as an actress and cultural worker. She coordinates all of the Centre’s public courses that take place on-site at the National Theatre School of Canada. She also accompanies the creative collectives in LABS residency and develops inspiring projects to bring the experience of theatrical creation to as many audiences as possible. Each year, new initiatives are born under her guidance! If you have any questions about our public courses, please write to

Marie Samuel

CASI Curator and research-creation editor

Marie is a pludisciplinary artist and researcher in the fields of pedagogy and micro-narratives. At the Centre, she develops digital venues and experiences based on community needs. She amplifies existing relationships and challenges communities that the Centre is not yet able to reach. She curates courses, activities and content. Marie also produces original content and feeds a steady stream of experiences into all of the Center’s digital platforms.